Monday, November 3, 2008

What Kind of World Do You Want?

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Hello All,
Soooo I decided I need to update because I will be out of town for awhile haha...

First things First : GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Picture: Hottie Standing in front of Chanel... yes please.

Favorite Girl: Clemence Posey
Anyone that looks that fierce in a picture and can fight a dragon is def. my role model.

Funny Story of the Day: I was in the shower and I was trying to get a cap off and it flys off and hits me in the eye.

Current Love: Hot Boy.. its his real name..I see him everyday during passing period.. and then I faint and melt on the sidewalk and he catches me and says "ARE YOU OK".. and I say "yes hot boy thank you."

Goodnight NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!
Cross your fingers I meet Taylor Hanson Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Anne C. Mack


Gace said...

i luh taylah!

betsytacy said...

I hope you meet Taylor, too! We want details!

Patrick said...

out of town, i was in new york a few weekends ago for fashion week, the versace show was amazing, hope you got alot done