Saturday, January 31, 2009

Movies, movies, movies

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So, I realized that movies have become my life.. Im so obsessed they are the greatest things in the world

Movies that I recommend:

Slumdog Millionaire: MUST SEE, it is just ahhhh amazing

MILK: Its about the first elected gay man Harvey Milk. Sean Penn is awesome, It also has James Franco and Emile Hirsch soo really what else can you ask for?

He was just ridiculously cute and funny in this movie.

Speaking of Emile Hirsch and Sean Penn another must see movie: Into the Wild. Emile Hirsch is just insanly good in this movie and sean penn is the director. and Kristen Stewart is soo cool.

Robin Hood Men in tights- soooooo hilarious.

Favorite Pictures

This boy is awesome.

Have a great weekend, or whats left of it!




Nicole said...

your blog is beautiful!..and i have wanted to see slumdog for a while now, but really have no way of getting to see it...and your picture of the two girl models is so delicate and pretty, i love it. also kristen stewart is the amazing.