Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Hello All.
This is a very depressing post. I have lost my greatest posession in my life. At work on Tuesday. I just sitting at a table in the corner of a very large gym. Not doing anything wrong. It just happenes that baseball is practicing that day. At first im excited, yay i get to watch hot boys practice.. I started typing my psycology homework and I hear heads up!! soo i look up to see a baseball flying at me. THe baseball hits the top of my beautiful bronze laptop. It does not have a dent but the screen is totally ruined!!!!!!!!! and I will have to pay 600 dollars to get it fixed.. so it looks like im screwed. I now hate baseball players for the rest of my life. and I Hate any type of sports ball. I am going to live by the motto bad things come to those who sit and do nothing.

God bless, Annie


betsytacy said...

Oh noooooooooooooooooooooo! Not the bronze goddess. I'm so sorry, Annie.

Nicole said...

hahahahahah!! wow, sorry to hear this...again.

LoveMore said...

oh dear! that is SO sad! massive tears for your here in Australia...that sucks! i would die without my lappy too!
hope you resolve the problem soon :)

thanks for your lovely comment too!

happy weekend! (well try!!)

xxx LM

L. said...

Buy a Mac!

Patrick said...

way to not update in over two months :o

Patrick said...
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Patrick said...
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