Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello Kitty!

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Soo One of my very longtime obsessions is Hello Kitty. She is just so cute! I have to say I found some very extreme Hello Kitty Items that are hilarious

#1: A hello Kitty CAR! The liscene plate is even HLOKTY
#2 a Hello Kitty Wedding dress... hahah can you imagine??

#3 An Actual Hello Kitty Sandwich maker.. just in case you want hello kittys face on your sandwich
#4 A piano... so beautiful haha

Love this artist: barbara Kruger.. her stuff is awesome. I really like that she uses red, black and white. Those colors are just really powerful

Shout out to Charlie: Dom Monaghan.. Its hard to watch Lost without Charlie on the show.. tear.. maybe he will come back!

And I am still really sad that they broke up.. they were sooo cute!! jeez why do the cutest celeb couples have to break up?? Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody.. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.. it kills me lol




Nicole said...

omgoodness. i love hello kitty, however, i know for a fact not nearly as much as you do. that car is awesome by the way. im hating the break ups too. why can no one manage to stay together?! ughhh..anyways hope you are having a grrrreeattt day!

Patrick said...

ummm...you should have posted hello kitty picture!!

betsytacy said...

That wedding dress is unbelievable. But what does the groom wear at a Hello Kitty wedding??

kaitlyn said...

i can totally imagine an insanely tacky hello kitty wedding with that dress!! lol. love your blog!


S said...

Nice blog!!